Points of how to choose a house

Points of how to choose a house

Increase in consumption tax affecting house selection

Consumption tax has risen to 3% and 5% so far. After that, 8% and 10% are planned for the time being. However, it will not be carried out easily because it is necessary to think about the impact of the economy. In the future it may be postponed to be 10 percent or it may be raised on schedule. It is necessary to shop based on that as well.

Housing is the highest shopping in my life. Whether you are new or pre-owned, you will need tens of millions of dollars to purchase. 2% of 10 million yen will be 200,000 yen. I will buy when I can not raise as much as possible because there will be a difference depending on whether I buy when the consumption tax is 8% or 10%. But you can not find the property, sometimes the money is not ready.

The consumption tax is certainly one of the reasons to buy with rush hour. Just going up will result in fewer purchasers and countermeasures may be taken. After all it may be beneficial to buy when you raise the tax. It is not necessary to forcibly buy before tax increases. First of all, you need to choose the house you want to live in carefully. And consider the circumstances of the family etc. It seems to be said that it is a good time to buy when all matches.

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